Always free for customers. Business 6 months free, starting at $49/month after that

ANY! We have developed the platform to allow any business to easily add itself and allow their customers or clients to book appointments.

Simply create an account and the app does the rest. Clyckit will ask you a series of questions that will allow it to generate the perfect booking schedule for your business

Customers can search for the business by name, keyword and location. Customers can even pick a date that works for them and the app will show them all the available appointments on that date.

Yes! They just add it to their favorites and they can book over and over again!

Reviews are generated by customers that have actually visited your business and booked an appointment. They are all verified! They can only review after they have completed their visit

This is done through our Clyckit-Q app which will be seamlessly integrated with Clyckit in the near future!

Yes! Just not yet, this will be launching very shortly

Free 6 Month Trial for all Businesses!

Only $49/ Month after that!

Download the App to become a member, cancel with no obligations